The usage of APILOGER:          Weight measurement -    Temperature measurement -    Relative humidity measurement -    Five times a day measurements -    Sending SMS message on a mobile phone with information      about daily intake of honey, temperature, humidity, the strength of      GSM signal and the battery voltage Basic characteristics of APILOGER: -    Simple and compact design for outdoor operation -    Dimensions 46,5 x 39,0 x 5,0 cm      Possibility to be installed into the standard LR apiary floor -    Autonomous operation with one battery charge up to 90 days      Additional option of wireless alarm      Memorizing multiple daily measurements and sending SMS message to the owner of APILOGER
There's   not   a   lot   of   appiaries   situated   in   the   backyards,   at   beekeepers'   fingertips.   Nearness   is   very important   especially   in   the   period   when   bees   pasture   begins.   But   even   in   such   nearby   appiaries, especially   if   they   contain   large   number   of   hives,   the   scale   is   a   very   important   beekeeping   tool. If   the   beekeepers   can   monitor   not   only   the   gain   of   weight   of   the   appiaries,   but   also   other parameters   such   as   air   temperature   and   humidity   in   the   area,   then   they   have   a   full   range   of data   that   enable   them   to   improve   exploitation   of   bee   colonies.   All   this   was   understood   by Goran   Kladarin,   a   researcher   from   Croatia,   who   constructed   beekeeping   scale   APILOGER. The   scale   measures   the   parametra   five   times   a   day   and   then   at   evenings   sends   SMS   message to a beekeeper, informing him about the daily intake of nectar, air temperature, humidity. It   is   important   that   we   know   what   is   happening   on   the   ground:   whether   the   entry   of   nectar   is   good   or   it   has   stopped,   or   the   intake   on the   scale   is   negative,   due   to   raining   in   the   village   where   we   placed   apiary.   Digital   beekeeping   scales   are   not   expensive   toys   meant   to raise   beekeepers'   rating   among   peers,   but   something   that   can   facilitate   and   improve   beekeeping,   and   even   save   beekeeping   season, especially   in   the   years   when   the   nature   is   not   generous,   which   was   the   case   for   a   large   number   of   beekeepers   in   recent   years.   Thus, for   example,   if   the   scale   shows   the   interruption   of   input   of   nectar   for   two   days   or   more   in   a   row,   or   if   the   scale   shows   negative   figure, this   is   a   sign   that   the   pasture   has   stopped,   and   that   if   the   beekeeper   does   not   intervene   by   adding   sweetener   or   in   some   other   way,   the queen will probably stop laying eggs.                                    
Beekeepers digital scale