»We are a young family company, which under the leadership of Goran Kladarin, joined the expertise in electrical engineering with passion for beekeeping, and produced a valuable product for beekeepers - beekeeping scale APILOGER. Like all ideas, also this one emerged from the need for knowing, knowing what is going on in hives. Goran, who always seek for innovations, did not fail to use the same approach, and construed beekeepers scale, with characteristics that outperforms all similar products. The scale is light, easy to use, and above all, practical. Beekeepers soon discovered all these benefits, and rewarded our small team with growing  demand. In addition to this product, some new products are ready to be launched very soon, that will significantly facilitate beekeeping. With knowledge and enthusiasm we have, we are sure we will continue keeping beekeepers happy also in the future.«
Beekeepers digital scale